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Cheiron’s distinctive approach to serving clients rests on the following five pillars:


Cheiron serves the interests of its clients. Period. That basic philosophy is reflected in all that we do and is found in our full financial accountability for the quality of our work, our rigorous quality control systems and our decision to remain solely in the consulting business, thereby avoiding conflicts of interest.


Cheiron consultants are passionate about finding original, innovative alternative solutions to our clients’ financial challenges. We believe we can only fully serve clients by offering them the fullest range of choices.


Cheiron strives to educate and equip clients to understand their financial position and the range of future possibilities and implications of alternative strategies. We enhance our clients’ understanding with powerful interactive modeling tools and clear, understandable reports to enable the best possible outcomes.


Cheiron invests heavily in constantly developing and upgrading our own proprietary, sophisticated software built to accommodate our stringent analytical requirements and our client empowerment philosophy.


Cheiron respects each client’s need for rapid and direct access to the people who are working on their behalf, and for quick turn-around and on-time project completion.

OUR MISSION: To empower benefit plan sponsors to understand and better manage their benefit programs and their resulting financial risks through innovative technological applications and unsurpassed professional expertise.
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