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Cheiron has long been a leader in developing and sharing creative and effective approaches to helping pensions, health & welfare plans and other entities address their financial risks and opportunities. For example, Cheiron’s founders pioneered (and remain industry leaders in) the use of interactive modeling tools that enable clients, in real time, to view the implications of changes to the financial parameters that determine their projected costs, liabilities and cash flow. (Our suite of X-scan tools are described here.)

From time to time Cheiron’s consultants speak at industry gatherings, publish articles or are quoted in leading professional journals. Following are links to some of our recent contributions:

The Adjustable Pension Plan: A Balanced Approach, a cover story in the November issue of Benefits Magazine, explains how this new plan design provides for a balance between the needs of plan sponsors to limit their financial risks and manage costs, and participants’ needs for some predictability in retirement income. Cheiron consulting actuary Rich Hudson was the principal author of the article.

Pension Modernization for the 21st Century, testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Sept. 20, 2012, by Richard Hudson, FSA, FCA, MAAA, EA, a Principal Consulting Actuary with Cheiron.

The Future of Defined Benefit Plans, a panel presentation at the 57th Annual IFEBP Employee Benefits conference featuring Cheiron CEO Gene M. Kalwarski, FSA, EA, MAA.

A Better Answer to the Actuarial Discount Rate Debate, published November 2011 in Benefits Magazine by Cheiron Consulting Actuary Bill Hallmark, ASA, FCA, EA, MAAA, and Cheiron CEO Gene M. Kalwarski, FSA, EA, MAA.

The Future of Pensions, a roundtable discussion in the September/October 2011 issue of Contingencies Magazine featuring Ken Kent, FSA, FCA, EA, MAAA, a Principal Consulting Actuary with Cheiron.

Addressing Pension Plan Risks for an Active DB Plan, a presentation by Cheiron CEO Gene M. Kalwarski, FSA, EA, MAA, at the 36th Annual Enrolled Actuaries Meeting.

Lessons Learned from the Pension Crises, a presentation to members of the California Association of Public Retirement Systems by Cheiron CEO Gene M. Kalwarski, FSA, EA, MAAA.

An Actuary’s Odyssey: Cheiron Brings Leading Edge Modeling to Assist Clients, and Ultimately Retirees

OUR MISSION: To empower benefit plan sponsors to understand and better manage their benefit programs and their resulting financial risks through innovative technological applications and unsurpassed professional expertise.
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