A Message From Cheiron

Dear Friends, 

As life returns to normal, I want to share with you Cheiron’s thoughts about the post-pandemic conditions. In many ways, I believe this new and evolving environment is better.

We are more productive. 

During the pandemic, most of us worked from home. Without daily commutes eating into our time we were able to service you even better. Many of us continue to work flexible hours. 

We are more efficient. 

Video-conferencing tools such as Zoom enabled us to continue meeting you without interruption even during lockdowns. Although virtual meetings will never replace in-person meetings, they offer the flexibility of meeting anytime and from anywhere. 

We are stronger. 

The pandemic deepened the camaraderie between us. We conducted regular companywide Zoom sessions in which we shared our personal interests, experiences, and work. Monthly Zoom meetings are now a regular feature of our employee communications and engagement.

We look forward to working with you as the new normal unfolds further. 

Finally, from our family to yours, we wish you continued good health in the coming year. 

Gene Kalwarski
CEO, Cheiron Inc.