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We seek to empower you to understand and manage the risks of your pension and health plans. We combine our highly qualified consultants and sophisticated tools to create effective solutions to address those risks.

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Our strong in-house software development capacity enables us to create customized tools to meet unique client needs.


How Will You Handle Volatility?

We regularly stress test pension and health and welfare plans to illustrate the biggest risks to your plans. We analyze the impact of changes in investment returns, interest rates, longevity, and contribution rates to find out how vulnerable you are to market volatility.

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Adjustable Pension Plans

How Can Adjustable Pension Plans Help You?

Count on predictable contributions and lower investment risk while securing lifetime pensions for your participants.

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Health & Welfare

Is Your Health Plan Meeting Your Needs?

Cheiron understands the balance between providing valuable benefits and managing your fund’s assets. We can help your fund achieve its goals by projecting cash flows, pricing benefits, finding the right business partners, and much more.

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Cheiron Case Studies

Stress Testing Makes MainePERS’ Cost-Sharing Plan Sustainable

Sandy Matheson, executive director of MainePERS, worried about the impact on participating local districts of earning less than the discount rate so she asked Cheiron to stress test a range of likely scenarios.

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Variable Pension Plan Advantageous for Union Members and Employers

Members of the Greater Boston Hospitality Employers Local 26 wanted a secure pension plan. Participating employers worried about the costs and risks of a DB plan. So the union asked Cheiron to design a pension plan that would satisfy both groups.

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Jul 12

PBGC multiemployer rule gets mixed reviews

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.'s interim final rule about how underfunded multiemployer plans can get special financial assistance is getting mixed reviews. The assistance was part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 enacted in March and provides an estimated $94 billion in federal assistance grants for the most at-risk plans to pay benefits if it will help them survive for 30 years.

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Feb 16

Balancing Risk: Designing and Implementing an Adjustable Pension Plan

Over the last 20 years, many plan sponsors and providers have replaced their traditional defined benefit pension plans with 401(k)-style defined contribution plans with the goal of controlling costs and minimizing the volatility of contributions. But one of the risks of disbanding a traditional pension plan and moving participants to a DC plan is that it leaves participants to fend for themselves and may result in lower benefits. Plan sponsors that seek to provide the best of both traditional DB plans and DC plans may want to consider adopting an adjustable pension plan.

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Jan 19

Pension Solvency Relief Gets Fresh Shot in Democratic Congress

Saving underfunded pension plans from bankruptcy has a better chance of coming to fruition now that Democrats control both the White House and Congress. Under divided rule, lawmakers pushed pension solvency via standalone bills, as part of economic relief packages, and in supercommittee talks that ultimately failed because of partisanship. But with unified control, Democrats can expedite their utmost priorities in a simple majority-based budget reconciliation vote.

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Grow Your Actuarial Career with Us

Contribute big ideas. Collaborate with colleagues around the country. Work on a variety of projects. At Cheiron, you can be an actuarial consultant and still crunch numbers. Because of our rapid growth, we have opportunities for talented actuaries at all levels. Come grow with us.

“Cheiron trusts me and all employees to do our best for the clients, and this encourages me to develop my consulting skills so that I am a better employee and better consultant for our clients.”

- Coralie Taylor, Consulting Actuary, FSA, FCA, MAAA, EA

“The variety of clients I service and the projects I’m involved in and the integrity and quality of work at Cheiron are among the reasons I plan on staying here for a very long time.”

- Alice Alsberghe, Consulting Actuary, ASA, MAAA, EA

“The beauty of working here is that my opinions and ideas are not disregarded because I am considered too junior or inexperienced.”

- Kathy Swan, Consulting Actuary, FSA, MAAA, EA

“I believe that the work my colleagues and I do is top notch, and I attribute much of my career success to the experiences that Cheiron has offered me.”

- Alex Kupperman, Consulting Actuary, FSA, CERA, MAAA

“Cheiron has an unusually collaborative and creative culture.”

- John McKevitt, Consulting Actuary, ASA, MAAA, EA

“At Cheiron, consultants constantly share ideas so that we can create unique solutions for our clients and actually see the positive impact of our consulting advice on our clients and their members.”

- Michael Schionning, Principal Consulting Actuary, FSA, MAAA

“Cheiron offers an innovative culture made up of talented individuals who are dedicated to their clients and each other; it’s truly a rewarding company to work for.”

- Leighann Maloney, Senior Actuarial Analyst

“Cheiron’s culture is one of openness. If I have a question, I can reach out directly to several experts on the subject. Everyone is available just a click or a call away.”

- Timothy Doyle, Associate Actuary, ASA, MAAA, EA

“At Cheiron, we all have flexible schedules to work around life and families outside the office. Inside the office, it is a small community filled with big personalities.”

- Chris Ludwiczak, Associate Actuary, FSA

5 Top Reasons to Work at Cheiron

Use sophisticated tools

We’re at the forefront of building new technological tools to help clients manage the risks of their plans.

Create unique solutions

Our consultants are known for creative approaches to solving formidable problems.

Earn a share of company profits

Cheiron has contributed to the profit-sharing program every year since 2004.

Receive a handsome healthcare package

We pay the insurance premiums for you and your children and contribute to health reimbursement and flexible spending accounts.

Aim for an FSA

We encourage you to adjust your workflow and take study leave. Actuaries receive generous raises and bonuses for passing exams and attaining actuarial credentials.

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