Improve Your Benefit Plan’s Efficiency with Financial Forecasting

How Can Financial Forecasting Help You?

Financial forecasting is key for well-managed plans. We prepare financial forecasts by stress testing with H-Scan, our sophisticated customized interactive modeling tool. Stress-testing is the linchpin of our financial forecasts, whether the forecasts are for understanding special situations, producing accounting reports, or developing funding policies. Financial forecasting helps you:

  • Estimate healthcare spending
  • Set budgets
  • Identify potential problems
  • Predict the impact of changes in contributions, benefits or eligibility

Why Do You Need Cheiron’s Help in Preparing Accounting Reports?

Whether you’re a public plan, a multiemployer plan, or a single-employer plan, you can trust us to prepare accounting reports to meet reporting requirements. We ensure your accounting reports satisfy your requirements for:

  • Calculating your retiree health liabilities to meet FASB ASC 965
  • Computing your OPEB liabilities to comply with GASB Statements No. 74 and 75 disclosures in your comprehensive annual financial reports
  • Projecting your retiree health or other post-employment benefits (OPEB) for disclosures in corporate annual financial statements under FASB ASC 715 and 958

How Can Financial Forecasting Shape Funding Policies?

Stress testing with H-Scan helps us show you the risks your plan faces and:

  • Track how your spending compares with trends
  • Show you the effect of alternative funding policies under different economic forecasts
  • Examine how different discount rates, benefits or eligibility requirements can affect your accounting disclosures