Make Your Health Plan More Efficient

With our Digital Tools

We offer a suite of digital tools along with hands-on consulting to make your health plan more efficient. Our toolkit includes:
H-Scan, our proprietary interactive stress testing tool, projects a range of scenarios for your plan.

H-Scan lets you:
  • Analyze contribution strategies
  • Understand the impact of benefit changes
  • Evaluate your reserve levels

Benchmarking compares your plan’s utilization with industry standards.

Benchmarking helps:
  • Discover inefficiencies
  • Identify opportunities for savings
  • Decide when to bid for new vendors

Monitoring reports track plan experience and compare the experience with projections.

Monitoring reports let you:
  • Identify high cost areas
  • Pinpoint problems before they become large
  • Act quickly to make course corrections

Business Intelligence allows vast amounts of data to be condensed and easily analyzed.

Business Intelligence lets us:
  • Collect and present big data in an interactive online dashboard
  • Access thousands or even millions of data points easily
  • Navigate different layers and dimensions of data
  • See trends and the trajectory of data

Machine Learning, a form of artificial intelligence, uses patterns and inference to improve the accuracy of projections beyond traditional actuarial techniques.

Machine learning lets you:
  • Understand the impact of additional data
  • Learn from big data and forecasting
  • Discern the true trends by eliminating the noise from big data