Understand Your Health Plan with Our Data Visualization Techniques

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization summarizes complex data using graphics. It enables users to decipher large collections of data to:

  • Discover patterns
  • Unearth anomalies or outliers
  • Identify trends
  • Interpret results

How Can Data Visualization Help Health and Welfare Plan Sponsors?

Ways we can help you target problems and develop solutions include:

  • Examining claim patterns
  • Mapping the geographic usage of your preferred provider network
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of your wellness program
  • Examining usage patterns of emergency rooms
  • Showing the prevalence of diagnoses among your covered employees

What Kinds of Data Visualization Techniques Does Cheiron Use?

  • Heat maps
  • Bubble graphs
  • Scatter plots
  • Geographic or geospatial maps
  • 3-D charts

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