An Innovative Culture Madeup of Talented Individuals

By Leighann Maloney

I came to Cheiron after starting my career at a large consulting firm. I often felt overwhelmed. If I wasn’t bringing work home every night then I wasn’t working hard enough. I grew tired, frustrated, and in search of change.

Cheiron was a breath of fresh air. From the beginning, I had control over my schedule. Cheiron gave me the liberty to start work as early as 7 a.m. and end my workdayas early as 3 p.m. so I could beat the traffic. I love being able to run errands, take our dog to the dog park, or have a couple of hours to relax before starting dinner or meeting friends for a night out.

At Cheiron we work in teams across the country, so even though it’s a small firm I’m not limited to engaging with my coworkers in the McLean, Va., office. We pride ourselves on working effectively as a team and it’s motivating to have the opportunity to collaborate with so many bright and inspiring individuals regardless of their location. Together we focus on our goal of delivering quality services to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Cheiron is fully committed to my growth as an employee and to my career path. Our training committee organizes in-depth and interactive training sessions to improve our efficiency and understanding of various topics. Our lead consultants encourage younger staff to attend meetings and gain valuable experience by presenting results and engaging with our clients. I regularly get the opportunityto work on special projects and work with colleagues outside of my assigned client teams.

Cheiron offers an innovative culture made up of talented individuals who are dedicated to their clients and each other; it’s truly a rewarding company to work for.

About Leighann Maloney

Senior Actuarial Analyst

Leighann is an actuarial analyst. She holds a B.S. in Statistics from Rutgers University.