Culture of Rigorous Review, Innovative Thinking and Objective Analysis

By Steven Newcomb

Growing up, I never imagined becoming an actuary. I’d always had a passion for aviation and chose to major in flight operations in college. I completed the flight training, earned a commercial license, and even obtained my certified flight instructor rating. I also had a strong affinity for mathematics and chose to pursue a degree in this as well. I’ve always been extremely proficient at problem-solving exercises and had an intuitive, figure-it-out mindset. Math came naturally, and it wasn’t until my senior year in college that my mathematics professor convinced me to look into becoming an actuary. I wanted a career that could challenge me daily, putting my analytic, problem-solving mind to work for a meaningful purpose. I found this and more at Cheiron.

Cheiron offered me everything that I wanted: friendly, hardworking consultants and staff, and a mission to help its clients better understand their benefit structures and the risks involved. The company continuously looks for creative solutions for its clients and developed interactive mathematical models such as P-Scan. Cheiron gives me the materials and additional paid study hours to pass my exams. The company’s culture of a rigorous review process, innovative thinking, and objective analysis constantly encourage me to do my best. My input is valued by my colleagues, as well as by the consultants who founded Cheiron and who continue to shape the company to become a renowned actuarial consulting firm. These are just a few of the reasons why I enjoy working at Cheiron and why I look forward to growing my career here.

About Steven Newcomb

Associate Actuary, FSA, MAAA, EA

Steven is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, an Enrolled Actuary under ERISA, and is working toward becoming a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics, Flight Operations, and Aviation Technical Systems from Averett University, and an M.S. in Statistics with a Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Science from George Mason University