A Place to Help Others, a Place to Learn, and a Place to Grow

By Timothy Doyle

I came to Cheiron through an acquisition in 2013. I’d been through this process before, and I ran through the possibilities in my head. How would my day-to-day work change? What kind of culture would this new company have?

That initial uncertainty went away quickly. My work at Cheiron is as varied as I want it to be. My role varies from team to team and from client to client, no longer entrenched in the model of “this is your title, therefore this is what you do for every single client.”

Cheiron’s culture is one of openness. If I have a question, I can reach out directly to several experts on the subject. Everyone is available just a click or a call away. I’ve found my niche in consulting for public sector plans, but I know that if I wanted to shift focus or explore other options, I can reach out and that options abound here.

I was surprised that I was not only allowed to attend client meetings but to be part of the team. I had been at Cheiron for only about six months when another consultant asked me to represent the firm at a client meeting because someone else couldn’t make it. That would never have happened at my previous jobs where only lead consultants met with clients.

After working in Cheiron’s Seattle and Oakland, Calif. Offices, I moved to the Portland, Ore. office some years ago. I could do that because the firm’s unusual corporate structure enables consultants to live in one city and work with clients in another. I like living in the Northwest but all my clients are in the Bay Area and that works just fine.

I found opportunity at Cheiron as well. From day one I have been asked to not only go to meetings but to be a part of them. When I ask for feedback from work or presentations, I’m given positive feedback from coworkers, encouraging me to find my voice, emphasize strengths, and shore up my weaknesses. Over time, my nervousness has been replaced by confidence, and my doubts with confidence.

Cheiron has given me a place to help others, a place to learn, and a place to grow. A place that exceeds expectations.

About Timothy Doyle

Associate Actuary, ASA, MAAA, EA

Tim is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, an Enrolled Actuary under ERISA, and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He holds a B.S. in Actuarial Science, cum laude, from Maryville University.