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Cheiron’s consultants have at their disposal a comprehensive set of innovative and effective consulting solutions. But they also are dedicated to seeking innovative ways to provide value-added services using new technology. Our strong in-house software development capacity enables us to create customized tools to meet unique client needs. Cheiron’s consultants have an industry-wide reputation for innovation. Their work has been recognized in a variety of media outlets, including Money magazine, Business Week, several industry journals and on television.

We believe our ability to create innovative client solutions is particularly important in today’s challenging and dynamic economic environment. Cheiron’s X-scan products, like a medical CAT-scan, are designed to diagnose the financial health of institutional funds/programs. These tools help our clients assess and come to terms with the nature and degree of financial risk they face, and determine when deeper analysis is needed.

Our X-scan line consists of:

  • P-scan for pension funds
  • H-scan for health and welfare programs
  • R-scan for pension plan risk forecasting

We would be happy to demonstrate these products in person.

OUR MISSION: To empower benefit plan sponsors to understand and better manage their benefit programs and their resulting financial risks through innovative technological applications and unsurpassed professional expertise.
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